Scanning Your Wordpress Database for Malware

Like me you may have heard the horror-stories, a website you use has been compromised by the work of a hacker who has inserted malicious code into a website and used this to gain control to the website, or the websites database.

Wordpress the most popular CMS (Content Management System), is often a victim of its own success and as such hackers tend to target the sites built using Wordpress, taking the opportunity to exploit the sites security… or lack of.

Malware in case you didn’t know is the shortened term for malicious code, if you have seen any of my previous posts you will have seen me refer to malicious code and its injection into Wordpress sites or databases as a means of compromising a site in a variety of ways.

Even though I run a small Wordpress site myself in my own time, I have recently noticed an increase in attempts to not only access my Wordpress sites database but also my Administrator privileges. I confess to initially being quite ignorant of all of this when beginning my online travails. However as I became au fait with how Wordpress sites work and the risks associated with the freedoms present in the CMS systems, I began to take more notice of how I should go about protecting my Wordpress site.

Malware doesn’t only affect the larger sites, hackers are not always picky about their targets either. So it pays to be not only responsive in all situations but I advise that you remain continually vigilant. However, it is also apparent that you may only be looking for a solution after shall we say ‘the shit has hit the fan’, that I would understand.

There are both free and paid ways to scan your Wordpress site and databases for malware, some of the free options are pretty good and can be a good introduction to responding to site or database issues. There is nothing wrong with using some of the free options and I would recommend the following free plugin be installed on your wordpress:

Theme Authenticity Checker scans your Wordpress themes for unwanted or potentially malicious code, this is a simple way of checking that the theme you are using is fine to use without issue.

However if you are wanting to resolve and rescue your site which has been reduced to fire and brimstone (the torments of hells), or even to ensure comprehensive protection I would recommend going for a paid package that continually scans your Wordpress database, files and folders for any exploits (or other issues) that may be present. Fixhacked is an exploit scanner that works just like any other Wordpress plugin, always scanning not only your website, but also your files and database, ensuring you are notified of any issues. Allowing you to respond accordingly. If this is the case and you are at a loss for what you need to do in order to remedy those awful situations, you can always contact us to Hire an Expert

So what is the moral of this piece? It is all about sharing tips on responding to the threats that may be affecting your Wordpress database, your website or signs that your Wordpress installation may be a victim to malware or other hackers attempts to compromise how things work without issue.

Here is what you should do next:

1. Download the simple to use exploit scanner from

2. Upload this scanner to your Wordpress site, it works just like installing a plugin.

3. Let the scanner do the work, the scanning of your files. 

4. Following the scan, we tell you which files are corrupted and which could be exploited. Providing you with a solution to any exploitation issues you may have. Giving you the opportunity to clean these up quickly and efficiently.

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