Those Dreaded Words - “This Site May Have Been Hacked”

Have you ever done a google search for a website only to be greeted to the following message, ‘This site may have been hacked’? That’s never a great thing, in fact it’s a truly abhorrent thing to happen. This warning is applied to your Wordpress site, when it has been compromised by hackers and users could be infected by malware, or even redirected to another site. 

It drives people away from visiting your Wordpress site, current users will be wary of using your site due to security issues and trust levels drop dramatically. It’s not great for anyone concerned, especially you.

So what do you do if this is the case? You are probably here because something similar has happened to you and if that is indeed the case, I am sorry and by following the advice in this short piece it will go someways to helping you get back the functionality of your Wordpress and resolve the issues caused by those internet hacks (“Hacks”, is a nicer way of saying digital tossers)

First off you should register and verify your Wordpress site in Search Console. Once you have verified your website in Search Console, you can then navigate straight to the ‘Security Issues’ tab on the lower-left side of the screen.

This simple step will allow you to immediately see whichever of your links on your Wordpress have been infected by hackers or those that may link to a compromised site, allowing you to remedy the situation. It’s advised you fix these issues properly or your site is likely to be reinfected, further impacting the damage caused to your sites reputation.

Google offer some excellent advice with regards to how you can fix any hacking issues on your Wordpress site in only a few simple steps.

Take the following steps to fix your Wordpress: 

Here is what you should do next: 

  1. Download the simple to use exploit scanner from
  2. Upload this to your Wordpress site, it works exactly like installing a plugin.
  3. Activate the scanner, and let it do all the work of scanning your files.
  4. Following the scan, we tell you which files are corrupted and which could be exploited. Providing you with a solution to any exploitation issues you may have.

If you have been hacked, make sure that you quarantine your Wordpress site by taking it offline and following the completion of a security and exploit scan, you can begin to rectify the issues. The scanner continues working in the background with negligible impact on the speed or functionality of your website, continuously monitoring and alerting you to any issues with your Wordpress or the sites database.

As always though, I totally understand if you are at a loss what to do here and if you are ever in doubt about what to do next, I recommend that you swallow your pride and enlist professional help and Hire An Expert.

Once you have identified the issues, you can assess the damage caused by the hackers and with the help of professionals clean up your Wordpress site and get things back up and running. Hopefully even more efficiently than before.

If you are ever in doubt, feel free to seek us out!

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