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Don't worry, this happens all the time. We have the solution for you. has a team standing by to fix your hacked website within 6 hours *

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Need malware removal?

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We have tons of experience removing malware! Every day around 35.000 websites are being infected by botnets. Your site could be part of these botnets after it gets hacked! Sites that arent updated regularly often fall victim to this. We can find, and remove the malware, so your site will be generating revenue again within hours!

We even do a request to Google to review your restored site. This will help fast reindexing and removing the red warning like shown above. Normally this takes only a few hours for Google to process this.

How does it work?

  • Place an order
  • Provide us with your login details (FTP)
  • We make a backup of your hacked site, just in case
  • We remove the malware, and repair the site
  • If possible, we will patch the security issue
  • We tell Google to review your site
  • Your website will be back in a few hours
$229 Remove the hacks NOW!

What do we need?

We need FTP access to backup and fix your hacked files!


What do you get?

We will remove the malware, patch the security holes if needed, and advise you how to prevent these kind of hacks in the future.



So you can see which files were infected. You will be getting a full list of changes we did to the site.



We will provide you with a full working backup of your website so you always have a return point.



We will notify Google to reindex your website, to remove the red warning your visitors will see.

​100% Money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied! $229 remove the malware NOW!

Thanks for helping me out!

We made our company website ourselfs. I am a self-thought marketeer but I have little technical knowlegde. Thats why we used wordpress for our site. 2 years after we launched the website our visitor-counts dropped and we were warned by several people that our website was hacked. Bob from helped us out, and we were back online within 6 hours. Thanks Bob, great!

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Bob is the owner of He has years of experience working for a big hosting company. He was responsible for restoring websites for hacked customers. After he left the hosting company, he started his own malware removal website:

$229 Fix it for me NOW!

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